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By observing life characters of animals in different time periods, the Chinese people linked each Shichen with one of the twelve Chinese zodiac animals. Other animals are lying down for a rest, while Horses are still standing. Chinese Zodiac plays an important role in Chinese folk culture. Each animal has symbolic meanings. The 12 animals are divided into six pairs. According to the research, all agreed that the reason why Chinese zodiac animals fixed to 12 ones is greatly related to the traditional Chinese astronomy and calendar.

The ancient people observed the phases of the moon and found that there is times full moon in a year. So, they divided twelve months in a year and 12 two-hour periods in a day as they regard 12 as the number given under the will of Heaven. Therefore, the twelve Earthly Branches and the twelve zodiac animals appeared afterwards. If you analyze these animals carefully, you can find that they can be divided into three categories: The first group is Chinese six domestic animals: horse, ox, goat, pig, dog and chicken.

They are raised and trained for economic and other purposes playing important roles in Chinese agriculture. When the Chinese spring festival comes, people always wish their domestic animals thrive in the coming year. So, due to their importance, these six animals must be chosen in the 12 animals. They are tiger, rabbit, monkey, rat and snake. Among them, tiger and snake are feared, rat is detested, and rabbit and monkey are loved by the people.

The last group includes one animal - dragon, the traditional mascot of Chinese people. It is the only fictitious animal in 12 ones. Chinese people think they are descendents of the dragon and have a special emotion with it. It is a deified animal symbolizing auspicious, omnipotent ability and the loftiest power.

So, dragon is indispensable. As an important part of the traditional Chinese Culture, the Chinese Zodiac culture has long been recognized, accepted, taken by consensus and penetrated into the daily lives of the Chinese people. Everyone, from the date of birth, has his unique animal sign accompanying him with the life long time.

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It is the birth symbol and mascot with different symbolic meanings for each one affecting their behaviors, characters and destiny. People show their strong belief in fortune and luck through the animal signs. For example, when finding their mates, Chinese people hope to find the person with the animal sign that compatible with him best. Also the zodiac provides guidance on how people live their lives.

For example, according to Chinese astrology, in different animal years, people under different signs should pay attention to different things in order to go smoothly in the year. All in all, the Chinese zodiac is an important component of China's ancient culture, reflecting the rich psychology of the Chinese people vividly. It does not only exist in China, but also other countries in the world. In Chinese culture, the goat is a much-beloved domesticated animal that has been in a companion to Chinese people for Millennia.

It's your Chinese year of birth that determines your Chinese animal sign as well as your Chinese cosmic element. You are a Rat in the Chinese Zodiac if you are born in , , , , , , But because your birthday fell before the Feb 4 date, you were born in the year of the Horse the Year of the Goat started on Feb 4, Discover the secrets of your Chinese Astrology Sign! To find out which of the twelve Animals of the Chinese Zodiac represents you, you just need to enter your birth date. The Chinese zodiac operates on a 12 year cycle, with each year being governed by a particular animal of significance to Buddhist mythology.

A person's Chinese element is determined by the Chinese Year of his birth, in the same way as his Chinese zodiac sign is determined. Recent research indicates that the origins of the Chinese zodiac may be more scientific. Here are the Chinese Zodiac Animals and the year they represent:. Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion has a twelve-year cycle. Each element has a dominant year based on the Chinese zodiac animal. Chinese Zodiac Sheep — Personality Traits: The Chinese zodiac Sheep is a very accommodating soul, a lover of peace and a strong desire to please everyone.

Are you born on February 4 ? Then you're in the right place as you can get below a lot of thought-provoking details about your horoscope profile, Aquarius zodiac sign facts together with many other astrology, Chinese zodiac meanings and a captivating personal descriptors assessment and lucky features. In the animal kingdom, the famous giant panda is one of the most contradictory animals by nature.

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The Lamb is the 8th animal in the Chinese Zodiac. Like a compass to a sailor, the Chinese zodiac contains some of the most useful personal guidance tools ever discovered. Y ou probably know there are 12 Chinese zodiac animals used to represent years, is the year of the Pig.

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The Chinese Zodiac is a 12 year cycle symbolized by the 12 animals. They could go far in their careers if the right directions are set. Being born under the Chinese Zodiac Sign Sheep people have elegance and great talent in the arts. Goat Combinations. Chinese Zodiac Calendar.

The second one is the Rise and Fall Chart of Your Life, so you can see when is your best 10 years in your life.

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The Ram goat or sheep , the 8th element of the Chinese Horoscope, is a symbol of intelligence in business and of serenity of mind. When these traits are suppressed, or unrealized, problems will arise. How to Read Your Chinese Horoscope. Based on the Chinese lunar calendar, Chinese Astrology was laid down by the Han Dynasty, when relationship between humans and animals started. Also get the corresponding Chinese lunar calendar years and date for any English date. Chinese Compatibility Dog and Goat. This Chinese love calculator will reveal your compatibility based on your birth date and by date of birth of your lover or potential partner.

The Year of the Fire Rabbit. Also knowing your Chinese birth year will tell you your ruling animal or the Chinese Zodiac Year. Chinese New Year in was on Feb 9. The Chinese Zodiac sign for the year is the Sheep.

Zodiac Signs. Pigs and Goats. Cafe Astrology. Your Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese astrology chart is calculated according to the Time Zone you selected for your birth place. Folktales took the place of actual history to explain the origins of the Chinese zodiac. For example, Chinese astrology is the divination of the future from the Chinese calendar, particularly its year cycle of animals, referred to as the Chinese Zodiac.

The following are the signs similar to the zodiac of the Chinese calendar, their years, some of their personality traits and mate compatibilities. Each block is given a name of an animal based on the ancient Chinese concept that all time shifts are based on these twelve units. Find the year you were born to determine your sign. Like the Tiger, the Goat aligns very well with the Pig in terms of romantic connection.

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The Chinese believe that people born in a particular year take on the characteristics of the animal associated with that year. Rabbits are usually kind and sweet and of course, popular people. The Dragon is a creature of myth and legend. Lucky numbers, colors and flowers for Goat.

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Find out what the new Chinese astrology fortune year may have in store for you today!. The years are arranged in major cycles of 60 years. The Chinese Zodiac meanings are derived from the Four Pillars. Depending on your particular sign, you may have specific gifts and encounter particular challenges when you try to work with the Law of Attraction. There are twelve zodiac animal signs in Chinese astrology as well as in the Chinese calendar and people born under each animal all have totally different personality traits.

Chinese Zodiac What is the Chinese Zodiac. Zodiac hours. The biggest common factor across all these different kinds of Asian astrology is the importance of the number twelve twelve signs, and also the twelve-year cycle of Jupiter, which in Western. However, the zodiac is based on the year rather than in the month as in the western system. The Chinese astrological system is the oldest of its kind. Many Chinese believe that the year of a person's birth is the primary factor in determining that person's personality traits.

The Chinese zodiac is based on a twelve year cycle. Chinese astrology has been used for over a thousand years to help select marriage partners. GOAT people are elegant, charming, generous, wise and gentle. Today, millions will celebrate the start of the Chinese year of the dog - a year of honesty and loyalty.

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Monkey: , , All of the jewelries are well designed, with good quality and free shipping is provided. Chinese Year Astrology Birth Details Enter your date of birth and find astrological information related to your birth based on the Chinese year.

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Chinese Zodiac Finder Select Date and time to find chinese zodiac. Date of Birth Year Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Day 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Chinese year details for October 09, 10 Animal Pig. Element Earth.