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Libra - You could become jealous of the more outgoing and flirtatious Libran. Will you ever understand their sociable ways? You are sensitive and sensual and you dream of passion with a capital P. Libra is a romantic but you can't help feel this relationship lacks that certain something special. Scorpio - You will be able to relate to each other's emotional needs. You understand each other completely. There is physical and intellectual compatibility. A strong spiritual link too. Sagittarius - The Archer is far too independent for you. They're adventurous and a risk-taker. You enjoy excitement but not constant stimulation.

You like to pause for quiet romantic moments of togetherness. You won't get many of these with a Sagittarian! Capricorn - Capricorn could give you the firm-hand and the security you may be looking for. You respect each other's outlook on life and there are many areas of compatibility. Capricorn may not be demonstrative in their loving but maybe they could learn from you! Aquarius - Aqua will provide the love and compassion you need but they may not understand your changing moods.


You will be good friends. But as lovers, you may long for more commitment, stability and romance. Pisces - Enjoy the fantasy! Because that's what this romance could be. You're both in search of a soul-mate, a perfect romance, heaven on earth. Maybe in each other you will find this. Libra October 8 today's free daily star sign horoscope by Russell Grant Increased financial security is your priority. Sagittarius October 8 today's free daily star sign horoscope by Russell Grant Are you sick and tired of mundane responsibilities? Scorpio October 8 today's free daily star sign horoscope by Russell Grant Your charisma is at an all-time high.

Virgo October 8 today's free daily star sign horoscope by Russell Grant You're in a flirtatious mood. Pisces October 7 today's free daily star sign horoscope by Russell Grant Someone who is extravagant with themselves and frugal with everyone else makes you upset. Video Horoscope Pisces December Sunday 2nd

Watch: 'Nightmare' cruise passengers stage protest after docking in Although the lure of a creative person is powerful, you should hesitate before getting involved in a serious relationship. While it's true you have many interests in common, there is a big difference between you. You're not especially materialistic, while the object of your affection is obsessed with money. This rift will cause real problems. Take the time to get to know each other; you will have second thoughts.

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If you're already in relationship, your partner will reveal some upsetting financial information during the first half of October. Put your heads together to craft a plan for paying off a sizable debt. On the 24th, the Full Moon will bring a welcome chance to rest and recharge your batteries.

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  • If an appointment or trip is cancelled at the last minute, don't complain. Instead, treat it as a chance to relax. The New Moon on the 9th warns against confiding in an untrustworthy person. A relative who pretends to have your best interests at heart is really jealous. After sharing sensitive information with them, you could be betrayed.

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    It's better to write in a private diary that is kept in a secured place. The last thing you want is your personal business to be revealed in a public forum. Some people use shaming as a way to control others. Don't let this happen to you. The Full Moon on the 24th brings a group project to its successful conclusion. Much to your surprise, you'll be named most valuable player.


    The other members of the group appreciate your leadership ability. Instead of barking out orders, you learned how to best motivate each person. As a result, everybody felt valued and appreciated. It's no wonder your work was so impressive; people are motivated to do their best when they're happy.

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    Acquiring a skill will be more difficult than expected on the 9th. That's when the New Moon puts you in the path of a relentless critic. It will be hard to study with their disdainful voice in your ear. Stay as far away from this cynic as possible. If you're having difficulty mastering complicated concepts, be patient.

    Hire a tutor who is able to isolate the source of your trouble. With their help, you'll be able to push past this stubborn block and achieve mastery. On the 24th, the Full Moon marks an impressive turning point in your career. You'll be given a promotion or high profile position. This will come as a total surprise. It's been hard to know where you stand with an impassive employer. Finally, you'll discover just how much your boss really appreciates your contributions. Have fun at a party that is thrown in your honour. The New Moon attracts a moneymaking opportunity on the 9th. Taking this job will limit your personal life.

    You'll spend virtually all your time at the office, trying to satisfy a demanding client or supervisor. If you really need the money, it's worth accepting this job. If you have other options, it would be best to pursue them, even if they pay less. You can't put a price on your mental health. The Full Moon on the 24th finds you returning from a trip, finishing an ongoing project or collecting a diploma. There will be a surprise bonus for your hard work.

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    You might get a chance to lead a group or write a column. Being able to share your insight with an enthusiastic audience will be the answer to a prayer. You love being paid for exploring ideas. Someone with your brain power needs a job that engages the intellect. You yearn to break out of your shell on the 9th, when the New Moon prompts a personal change.